Guided Meditation

What will my session be like?

Your session will be in our private salt room. You can be seated in a chair or choose to be seated or lying on the salt floor. One of our therapists will be with you guiding you through relaxing meditation exercises. This upgrade can not only provide deep mental relaxation but also give you tools to use at home. Your session may also include guided breathing exercises.

Your guided meditation can be customized to focus on a theme of your choosing. Some examples areas of focus include: Gratitude, Chakra Balancing, Grounding, Mind & Body Relaxation, Present Moment Awareness, Self Love & Compassion, Letting go.

45 Minutes of Guided Meditation for 1 in a private salt room- $55

45 Minutes of Guided Meditation for 2 in a private salt room- $50 each ($100 total)

Call for group pricing.